Summer Sale and Giveaway

Lilla Rose is having a summer sale with 10% off all products and free shipping on orders of $40 or more. The sale lasts two days only ending tomorrow June 26 at midnight.

July's Flexi of the Month

July’s Flexi of the Month: The Liberty Bow

What is Lilla Rose? Lilla Rose is a hair jewelry company whose main product is the one piece flexi-clip. Other products include headbands, bobby pins, hair sticks and more. Continue reading to find out how to win your choice of a flexi.

The flexi comes in seven different sizes making it perfect for adults………

French twist with a flexi.

French twist with a flexi.

…and little girls.

little girls lilla rose


The flexi transforms a boring hairstyle into something beautiful in no extra time and is so comfortable that you won’t remember you have it in.

Half up with flexi.

Half up with flexi.

If you are really interested in Lilla Rose you might want to consider becoming a Consultant. This would give you the opportunity to sell something that you love and can recommend. It’s also a terrifc way to get Lilla Rose products at discounted prices. :)


Place any order through my Lilla Rose site and you will be automatically entered to win a flexi clip of your choice size and style. For help choosing the right size for you check out the sizing video. The giveaway will end next week. Remember that the sale and free shipping only lasts two days.



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Wordless: Good Mommy

I think I’m a good mommy when my boys are dirty. That happens quite often. I may be just be deceiving myself.

Bella’s Play Kitchen from an Old Dresser

play kitchen side table

For Bella’s third birthday we wanted to get her a play kitchen, but after pricing the options, we decided to make one. Not only is our play kitchen much sturdier than anything we could have purchased, it was less expensive and it has a super-fun light that comes on whenever the ‘oven’ door is opened. Now,…

Ambleside Homeschooling Q & A: Math and Science, Start Time and College

ambleside homeschooling

Thank you for all of the questions about Homeschooling a Large Family with Ambleside. In this post I’m going to answer some of the ‘easy’ questions. Eventually, I will get out some posts that answer some of the questions that require something more in-depth. I noticed you group your children, with 3 working through Ambleside year four…

Not Me: Mohawks and Socks

Valor (1) with his mohawk

“Not Me” Post – A post where I make you feel like you have it all together by bravely confessing some of our family’s faults, failings, or quirks by denying them. Last week, when cutting Valor’s (1) hair, I did not forget which side it is supposed to part and so give him a haircut that is…

Ambleside Homeschooling and a Large Family

I apologize to those of you who received a partially worked on, draft version of this post (technical difficulties). This one is finished. Please feel free to post your questions in the comment section, so I will know what to post about next. I want to share about how we’re homeschooling this year because we…

Pregnancy #13: Quiet

#13 Ultrasound

Quiet, that’s how I will always think about this pregnancy, quiet. I would have been due in November. It began quietly with a barely-there pregnancy test. And it took three more days before we were really convinced that this child existed. It continued quietly with twice-daily heparin injections and a feeling of contented gratitude. One…

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

I will be the first to admit that I’m not a big fan of ebooks, so it may seem odd that I’m telling you about a big ebook sale (I know, I know), but there is a very good reason.  All of this for just $29.97 ($39.97 for Kindle version)!   That reason is the BONUSES (or freebies),…

Happy Easter

Tallest to shortest: Amber (17), Kaitlin (16), Matthew (14), Alyssa (13), Carter (12), Sadie (10), Savannah (9), Colby (7), Nicholas (6), Isabella (3), Valor (1)

He is Risen.   Happy Easter from our family to yours.

When it Rains… God is still Good

I almost don’t know where to start because so much has happened since I spoke in this place. I keep waiting until I have time to write about it all, but I’m afraid if I continue to do that it will never happen, so I’m going to try to catch you up with where we…

Pregnancy #12: Update

Bella gingerbread house

The Lord gives and The Lord takes away, blessed be the name of The Lord. We found out Friday that our twelfth child, no longer had a beating heart. We rejoice that he/she is now in the presence of God, how amazingly blessed we truly are. Although we are sad for ourselves, we rejoice in His love,…

Announcing Baby #12

ultrasound baby #12

Our family is delighted to announce that our gracious God has blessed us with the eternal gift of a new baby. We are amazed and grateful for this gift, but this is not the announcement that I expected to write. I was planning to share the baby’s due date, post pictures of  a 10 week…