Tools for the Frugal Family – Sale

Vision Forum has a new sale going on for all you homesteaders or wanna be homesteaders.  Our family would fall into the wanna be category. Though we do have fresh parsley coming in now. That does count for something, doesn’t it?

The set of 3 DVDs will teach you how to bake bread, make soap, and create lovely homemade candles. Items that are great for gift giving. I know a couple of young ladies who would enjoy this as a birthday gift, and their daddy loves homemade soap. Hmm! Hope he doesn’t read my blog.

Do you wish that you could slash your grocery bill by producing food in your backyard? Wish you could grow your own fruits and veggies, raise chickens, keep bees?  “The Backyard Homesteader” will tell you how to do all this and more. Then when the harvest is in it will tell you how to cook and preserve all your free organic food!

The sale prices are good through March 25.

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