Tuesday’s Tip for Mom: Pray for your Kids

Welcome to the first ever Tuesday Tip For Mom! I hope that you will find ideas that are encouraging and helpful to you and that you will take some time to share what you have learned to encourage and help others.

This was not the post that I had planned for today, it wasn’t even my plan B (and I actually had a plan B). It is the post that is, which means that, in God’s good providence, it is the perfect post for today.

I have a notebook in the back of my Bible where I keep a list of specific requests that I pray everyday for each of the children. I have one request for each child based on where they are in their life, what they are working on or struggling with. Some examples of my requests are; kind speech, diligence in their work, that they would learn to read or have success using the potty.  My requests are fairly specific and I pray for these things everyday.

In addition to praying for God’s help in a specific area of our children’s life, I have used this list in various ways to encourage or exhort individual kiddos depending on their personality and circumstances. When a child is having a particularly tough fight with an obvious sin, I will sometimes take them aside and tell them that I am praying for them in this particular area and encourage them to add it to their prayer list also. I will remind them that God desires obedience and promises that He will answer our prayers and that He loves it when we pray and ask Him for help.

More often I tell the children when I am able to cross a request off of their list. I will pull the child aside and say, “Mommy has been praying for you to use kind speech and God has really answered my prayers. You have been speaking kindly to your siblings and I’m proud of you and I don’t need to pray for God to change your speech anymore.” Then we will pray and thank God for answering prayer and for enabling that child to speak kindly rather than harshly to their siblings.

A few years ago we had a child who was struggling with lying. It was a time of intense struggle and we were dealing with the issue everyday, if not several times each day. At one point I sat down with the child and told him/her that I was praying for them to speak the truth and I showed him/her that request on my list.  The child broke down into tears and hugged me and thanked me for praying for them to stop lying. They said that they wanted to tell the truth and asked God to help them tell the truth, but it was just too hard. Knowing that I was praying for them in that specific way encouraged that child. Rather than feeling alone in a difficult battle they knew that they had an ally. That time of dealing with dishonesty was short-lived and we rejoiced together when it was once again easy for him/her to tell the truth. To this day whenever we ask “Who did…?” this child is always the first to confess if they are guilty. The child has no fear of speaking the truth and we continue to thank God for His continued work in that life.

Pray specifically for your children that’s my Tuesday Tip for Mom. Now it’s your turn.

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8 Responses to Tuesday’s Tip for Mom: Pray for your Kids
  1. Roan
    May 19, 2009 | 7:49 am

    Hi Kimberly!
    I made a few corrections on my original post. I had written that post this weekend before I was sure of the link…..I also called it the wrong thing! I had it to automatically post this morning. I have not been on the computer since late Saturday night! Anyway, I made the corrections and now have it linked to you!
    I hope you get a lot of responses so we can all learn from each other!
    Your praying idea is great!



  2. Raising Olives
    May 19, 2009 | 7:53 am

    Thanks Roan! You are way ahead of the game. I had to write my post this morning. 🙁


  3. Jamie
    May 19, 2009 | 8:12 am

    Thank you for this, Kimberly! I am spending time catching up on your blog this morning (the kids are all planting flowers with grandma), and am glad today worked out! While I pray for my children regularly, I never thought to share my specific requests WITH them. We have one struggling with anger issues right now. She gets very angry if (errr… WHEN) something doesn’t go her way. She has little “outbursts” that just aren’t okay. It might include throwing something (fortunately not at anoyone!) or slamming a door… stuff like that. I think it’s time to let her know that I am praying for her for that specific battle she’s having. My heart is tenderly breaking for her and I think she needs to know that she’s not in the battle alone. She always feels so badly afterward, that, well, it’s just heartbreaking. Anyway, thanks for your tip!


  4. Angela
    May 19, 2009 | 11:55 am

    Thank you once again Kimberly. You always find ways to touch my heart, and help me to see my own shortcomings. While I pray for my children daily, and continue to thank him FOR them daily. I too never thought to share these PTL’s (Praise the Lord) with the kids. I do not think you will ever know how much you have done to bring our family closer together, and closer to God, or how much of a possitive impact you have had on our life over all. (As I am sure stands for many of your other readers as well.) I have been praying for one of ours who has suffered from control issues. They are having a hard time finding that line between older sibling correction ability, and what should be told to, and handled by, a parent. (To the point they where taking it upon themselves to spank the younger children. Which I did not like.) I know God is working in their hearts on this matter, because I can already see possitive changes in their daily additude. God does indeed answer prayer. I think I am going to start sharing the prayer requests, and answered prayers with the children as well. Thanks again gurl! Many blessings! Huggz!


    Raising Olives Reply:

    Thank you all for your comments. I just want to say that if you read anything commendable or lovely on this blog it is from the Lord. Praise Him for encouraging us through each other!

    I do not want anyone to think I have it all together. I don’t and I struggle with all the same ugly sins that everyone else struggles with.

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Comments motivate me to continue blogging. I can talk to myself (and do) in the shower. So thanks for letting me know that someone is reading and thinking about what I write.



  5. Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years
    May 19, 2009 | 8:44 pm

    Thanks for such a great post! I try to pray regularly for my girls (I have a long-standing struggle with faith, but that’s a story for another day!), but it never occurred to me to share with them what I’m praying for. I will definitely take this one to heart!

    ~ Jennifer


  6. Kara Sarbacker
    June 29, 2011 | 12:30 pm

    Wow what a great way to pray for your kids! This sounds basic but I never prayed for specific things for that day… just long term things (coming to know Christ, their future spouse, etc.) I have a 6 month old, 2 year old, and 3 year old and today has been a hard day with behavior issues… this was God’s way of showing me how to deal with it! Thanks again!


  7. Shara
    November 16, 2012 | 11:53 pm

    I need to pray for my kids more. Praying is one area I struggle in…not wanting to *bother* the Lord with “trivial” problems. I was recently convicted strongly on this. You know, that He commands us to bring everything to Him? lol.

    I think this is the fist comment I have left on your blog, but I really love reading it, and have read it for over a year, I think, now!

    Just wanted to tell you you are an encouragement to this mommy. 🙂


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