Study Pod Review and Coupon

When I found out that I would be receiving a Studypod to review, the first thing that I did was Google “Studypod”.  What in the world was this thing that would be arriving in the mail?  Was it a new way to present unit studies? A room to lock your children in until they were finished with their school work?  A Studypod is a book or paper holder.  It holds books of almost any size open and at an angle that makes it easy to read while typing, eating, knitting or anything else that you may need your hands for.

The Studypod is designed so that it is simple to turn pages without removing the book from the holder.  It folds compactly and is the size and shape of a book which makes it ideal for putting in your backpack, knitting bag or storing with the school books.  Mine is actually sitting beside the computer and made the trip to Rhode Island and back with us.

The Studypod also has some built in storage for knitting needles, pens, a cellphone, calculator or a notepad.
Now I tend to be a no frills type of person and didn’t really think that the Studypod would be something that would be useful for me.  I mean after all, God gave us hands to hold books open and if you need to type, you just set the book beside you, put something heavy on top to keep it open and look on that way, right?  Besides, I don’t like to store stuff, just ask my kids.

So when my package arrived,  I dutifully unpacked the Studypod and set it up, but I was doubtful.   After a few days I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I actually used and liked it.   I had no idea how much easier and more comfortable it would be to read and type from a book that was set up at eye level and at the same angle as the computer screen.

My mind began to go as I thought of many more uses for it. The children and I use it to read while eating (very cool), to hold knitting directions in view and even for holding books open while reading in bed or curled up on the couch.  I  also used the StudyPod in the car both for reading and knitting.  (Just to be clear, I do not use the StudyPod in the car while I am driving the car. 🙂 )  It helps to keep stubborn books open while the children are copying something out of them and it is great for little ones who still need to use their hands to point to words as they read.  You can set up the StudyPod without extending the back arm that props the StudyPod up so that children can still have the book in their lap and the StudyPod simply holds the book open for them.  The StudyPod also found it’s way into our kitchen to hold cookbooks open, keep them out of the food and give you more counter space.  Our violinists have also found it makes a perfect portable music stand.  The StudyPod is a convenient, versatile tool that makes working with books much easier.

The StudyPod is available online for $19.95.

StudyPod sent me a unit to use so that I could write this honest review.

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  1. Mama Mirage
    September 22, 2009 | 4:34 am

    Sounds like quite a handy tool!


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