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Guardian Angel Publishing offers an assortment of award winning children’s books for preschool and primary age kids.  All of Guardian Angel’s books are rated for children ages 0-12 and are offered in a variety of formats, eBooks, on CD and wonderful, old-fashioned, regular print versions.

We received the following eBooks:

Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair by Mary Jean Kelso – A story about overcoming obstacles.  Andy, a boy in  a wheel chair, goes to the fair to compete in the 4H horseback riding competition on Spirit an albino horse.  This is the second book in the series that develops the relationship of trust between Andy and Spirit.  The book includes three pages of information on wild horse management in the U.S. and 4H.

No Bones About It by Bill Kirk is a book designed to help children memorize the names of the bones in the body.  The book is written in rhyme and begins with the toes or phalanges and ends with the cranial and facial bones. The book also includes factoids in the margin of the pages that include information about your bones.  For example, bones are red blood cell factories and astronauts lose as much bone mass from their hips in one month in space as an elderly woman loses over the course of a year.

I think that this is a great concept to put into a book.  Children memorize quickly.  There are several rhyming books that our children have memorized cover to cover, how wonderful to use that gift to enable them to memorize useful information.  The book is recommended for ages 8 – 13.  Even though younger children could easily memorize it, I think the older age range is in keeping with the illustrations of all the skeletons, some with eyes and tongues, which may be frightening to younger children.

Maybe We Are Flamingos is a cute and silly story about Flora and Fernando, baby Flamingos who wonder what type of animal they might be since they are not pink like the rest of the Flamingo flock.  They worry and wonder until their mum tells them that it will take a year or more for them to turn pink and look like the other Flamingos.  They also learn that their diet is what keeps them a pink color.  From that point the happy Flamingos draw pictures imagining what they might look like if they ate tacos, cheeseburgers, carrots or apples.  Our children giggled through this book.  (Suggested ages 3-9)

Earthquake! is a fun fact-filled book about floods.  (Just checking to see if you’re still with me. 🙂 )  Earthquakes is a fun, fact-filled book about earthquakes.  What is an earthquake?  What causes an earthquake?  What does an earthquake feel like?  How can I prepare for an earthquake?  All these questions and more are answered in a humorous and conversational tone, mixed with lots of diagrams, graphs and illustrations.  “Earthquake!” explains some hands on activities to help children visualize different types of earthquakes and the effects that an earthquake can have on land and water.  Similar to “No Bones About It”,  most pages have factoids with even more interesting information about earthquakes included.  “Earthquake!” is geared toward readers age 6-9, although I think that older children would be interested in this book as well.

Rainbow Sheep by Kim Chatel is the book that won me over.  A charming tale about a shepherdess tickling the clouds away and brightening a rainbow’s day.  The illustrations are all photos of pictures created with felted wool and the text is delightful.  The author draws you in with colorful word pictures that make you smile.  Just read this little excerpt:

At the end of the book there are instructions for two felting projects to do on your own.  One is suitable for all children, the other for children 8 and older with adult supervision.  Both would make cute gifts.

I thought that the books from Guardian Angel Publishing were enjoyable.  We thought that some were sweet, creative and thoroughly enjoyable, while others were not as interesting to us.  However, with nearly one hundred titles to choose from, Guardian Angel Publishing probably offers several titles that will appeal to your family.  Prices range from $5 for eBook versions to about $11 for a print copy.  They also have a selection of free eBooks and coloring pages for your use.

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4 Responses to Guardian Angel Publishing – Review
  1. Kim Chatel
    October 4, 2009 | 8:26 am

    Thank you for the wonderful review! Parents can find out more about needle-felting and other fun crafts, recipes and book reviews at Chatel Village.


  2. Donna McDine
    October 5, 2009 | 2:10 pm

    Hi Kimberly:

    Terrific reviews. Thank you.

    Children’s Author
    Write What Inspires You Blog
    The Golden Pathway Story book Blog
    Donna M. McDine’s Website


  3. Margot Finke
    October 5, 2009 | 10:42 pm

    As one of Guardian Angel Publishing’s authors, I received a Google Alert about your blog post. You have a very cool blog, mate, and the reviews were terrific.

    All the G.A.P. authors I know write books kids love to read. The publisher treats us as family, and this pays off in many ways. My own “Rattlesnake Jam” is a rhyming romp, written with boys in mind. My son, David, was a reluctant reader, so experience taught me what HOOKS boys into reading.

    Margot Finke –
    and Manuscript Critiques


    Raising Olives Reply:

    It is has been nice to become acquainted with some of G.A.P.’s authors via blog and email. Thank you!


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