Mathletics Review

Mathletics is a complete online math curriculum for Kindergarten – grade 8 that is great for homeschool use.  A one year subscription for one child is $59.00.  This provides 24 hour, 7 day a week access to Mathletics for a full year.

There are several aspects of the Mathletics program.  First is the instructional portion where students are introduced to, taught and practice new concepts.  Next there is a drill portion where children can compete with other children around the globe to see who is the fastest and most accurate with their basic math facts.  Mathletics also offers a set of traditional workbooks for older students and they are developing these workbooks for the remainder of the levels.

The instructional portion of Mathletics is what our  children spent most of their  time on.  It allows them to choose what topic they would like to study and then what aspect of that topic.  So if your child chooses to work on number theory, they could then choose square roots, factors, scientific notation or other specifics in that topic.  The selection of problems depends on the child’s level, but there is a nice variety for all levels. Each section has 10 problems for the  children to work through and if they have difficulty, there is a help option that gives the child step-by-step directions of how to work the problem.

Built in to this instructional portion is a reward system that motivated our children to receive excellent marks.  Every time they score 100% on a learning section they receive a gold bar.  When they receive so many gold bars, they get another reward.  Each week that they receive  so many of those rewards they get another recognition and so on.  There are also drawings each week of all the Mathletes who reach certain goals.  All of our children were very motivated to make sure they spent  adequate time on Mathletics to receive all of the rewards necessary to reach the next level.

The drill portion of Mathletics allows the children to safely compete with children around the world in basic math functions; adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.  The children compete with up  to 3 other children at a time, so this allows even children who are less competitive in their speed to have the satisfaction of beating someone.  The children can not communicate with their competitors, so this competition provides a safe environment for children.

Mathletics offers a variety of math games that the children can earn as they complete the instructional portion of Mathletics.  This provides more opportunity for review and math practice.

Mathletics has  a set of student workbooks and answer keys that you simply download and print to provide extra practice and review of the concepts that they are learning online.  Currently they don’t have the complete set of workbooks finished, but there is already a lot available and this adds extra value to the membership.

Mathletics offers a parent resource center where you are able to track the progress of all of your mathletes.  In the  parent section you are able to view how much time your mathlete has spent logged in, what topics have been covered and their scores on each topic.  You are also  able to  assign specific tasks for your children to complete before they will be given access to other areas of Mathletics.

What we thought:

All of our children enjoyed Mathletics and were very motivated to spend adequate time and excel in their work.  Mathletics has a fun, kid, cartoon feel and allows the children to  create their own avatar, which draws them in and feels like fun when they are having to be serious about working on math.  Competing with other  children on math facts is an effective and exciting way to implement needed practice.

We found that the instructional portion of Mathletics was not sufficient for our  children to grasp new concepts without help.  Mark or I simply needed to sit down with them and work  through many of the new concepts before they understood what was being explained.


  • Fun, interesting, complete math curriculum for Kindergarten through grade 8
  • Easy to implement and requires little parental time
  • Wide variety of math skills presented
  • High motivation to stay fresh on basic math facts
  • Children get immediate feedback whether they get a problem right or wrong


  • Several new concept explanations weren’t clear enough  for our children to understand on their own
  • Not all of the workbooks are currently available
  • The Mathletics website is not intuitive.  You really have to take some time to explore to find all the options that are available.

Our bottom line:

For the price I think Mathletics is a good value and a good option for those who prefer an easy, hands-off approach to math.  It would also be an excellent option as a supplement to another math program.

We never had to ask our children to work on Mathletics, they enjoyed their time and their skills improved.  Mathletics gets two thumbs up from our house!

This post is included in the Homeschool Curriculum Review Roundup.

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4 Responses to Mathletics Review
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  2. lewis valle
    October 28, 2010 | 2:20 pm

    I have 2 children 10&9/im homeschooling them&I’ve heard good things about mathletics. Is there anyway,I can enroll them in your program. Thank you


  3. KC
    October 21, 2015 | 12:14 am

    Mu daughter, whose IQ is 145, is in her first year in a gifted program that uses Mathletics as the primary instructional tool. We have found, as you have, that the instruction provided within Mathematica cannot replace direct instruction from a real live human being. My daughter has been using Mathematica for less than 2 months and has grown to hate it with her whole heart and soul. I would recommend, for anyone thinking about making Mathematica your child’s teacher, to think twice. It’s a supplemental tool that is not a replacement for real teaching.


  4. Shereen Arsecularatne
    March 20, 2016 | 8:51 pm

    I am a teacher at Southern Cross Campus and I want to know the process of getting enrol for Mathletics for my kids in school. How much they have to pay for the year or a month.
    Please reply me ASAP. I am very keen about this.


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