Presidential Penmanship: Review

Zeezok Publishing offers a wide variety of books and educational resources.  Our family was sent Presidential Penmanship: Italic Style to review.

Presidential Penmanship comes on a computer disk and contains levels for grades 1 through senior high.  Each lesson is composed of a presidential quote, scripture passage or excerpt from one of our founding documents written in the italic style and lined space underneath where the children are able to do their writing.

The sample and the lined spaces are sized appropriately for each grade level and the passages increase in length as the level progresses.  For the younger levels the children begin by tracing the sample on day 1, they trace again on day 2 and then progress to writing it themselves.

What we thought:

We have always used copy work in our homeschool and we also use the Getty-Dubay italic handwriting series, so Presidential Penmanship was a good fit for our family.  The passages are a good length for each level and the children enjoyed the quotes.

The fifth grade of Presidential Penmanship uses quotes from George Washington’s Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior and accompanying scripture passages and these were particularly enjoyable for our fifth grade son.

There was one element in Presidential Penmanship that was difficult for younger children.  The way that the text that they are supposed to trace is rendered was confusing for them.  Rather than the more traditional dashed line the text is rendered as hollow letters.  (Go to the sample pages and scroll down to page 3 to see what I’m talking about.)  The children are supposed to trace inside of the hollow letter however, both of my little ones ended up coloring the letters in.  This was easily remedied, but I think I would prefer the more typical dashed lines to the way that this penmanship program chose to render it.

Since we are able to print out the pages as often and at the pace that they are needed, this is another reusable resource that all of our children will be able to use.

Sample pages of Presidential Penmanship: Italic are available here if you’d like to see them.

Presidential Penmanship is also available in  five other handwriting styles.  Any of these may be purchased from Zeezok Publishing for $39.99.  You may also purchase individual levels of any of the available styles for $9.99 each.

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Zeezok Publishers sent our family a complimentary copy of Presidential Penmanship in order to facilitate me giving my honest opinion of this product.   For more information please visit my disclosure page.

This post is included in the Homeschool Curriculum Review Roundup.

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