Math Tutor: Review

Math Tutor offers DVD instruction in math from basic counting up through Physics 3.  The DVD’s (with the exception of Young Minds) feature a teacher explaining the concepts and working sample problems on a white board.  The DVD sets range from 5 to 14 hours in length and include a lot of information and helpful hints on the topic covered.

Math Tutor sent our family complimentary copies of  their Young Minds Numbers and Counting DVD ($19.99) as well as The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor ($26.99).

The Young Minds Numbers and Counting DVD teaches children to recognize numbers and count objects up to 10.  It includes beautiful, classical music and lovely photography of animals, fruits, wheeled vehicles and other easily recognizable object for the children to count.

It begins with counting 1 and progresses all the way up to counting to 10.  A picture with the appropriate number of objects is displayed and then each numeral is displayed and counted one at a time.  This is a simple, non-fussy way to expose children to their numbers and counting and our two youngest boys (3 and 1) enjoyed watching this multiple times, although it didn’t always hold their attention until the very end.

The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor is an 8 hour DVD course that steps children through many examples of  word problems ranging from adding whole numbers to multiplying and dividing fractions, ratio and proportion and more, 15 total topics.

This DVD is just like sitting in a class room and I encouraged our children to have paper and pencil so that they could follow along doing the math on their own papers.  The teacher works many sample problems narrating each step so that the children don’t get lost.  He also shares many tips to help the children recognize which function is being asked for in the problems.

The DVD is easy to follow and clearly explains the process for figuring out each type of word problem presented. After going through this course children should have a good grasp of word problems and have the confidence to work them.

Our kids did not enjoy this DVD set simply because it’s like sitting in a math lecture.  Also most of this program was review for our children because we regularly use a math program that incorporates a lot of word problems from the very beginning of their math instruction, so they have had a lot of experience with many different types of word problems.

However, I think that for children who struggle with word problems or who are intimidated by them this would be a wonderful resource.  It would certainly help your children better understand the concepts behind word problems and give them more experience and confidence as they tackle them.

I would be interested in using some of the more advanced DVD’s offered by Math Tutor.  ( I know my children would LOVE to see the geometry course.)   The math is presented clearly in an easy to understand manner and is reviewed so that mastery is achieved.  I think this would be particularly helpful for when the parent is a little rusty on the math being taught.

Math Tutor offers many different courses that may be helpful for instruction for your children or your family.  I would certainly keep these DVD’s in mind as a solid supplement to any math program.

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2 Responses to Math Tutor: Review
  1. Hannah
    February 10, 2010 | 1:34 pm

    I am going to be writing a post soon (today?) on how we are on the search for curriculum to keep the boys busy this summer. If you have the time, would you please read it over and let me know some suggestions, in excruciating detail? 🙂

    You rock! 🙂 Hope you are feeling well.




  2. Cascia @ Healthy Moms
    February 10, 2010 | 3:09 pm

    My daughter could use something like that. She is having a hard time with math. Seventh grade math can get pretty tough.


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