Favorite Books for Beginning Readers

moms of many manageWelcome to this weeks edition of 4 Moms, 35 Kids: How Moms of Many Manage.  This week we’re sharing our favorite books for beginning readers.

Over time, I have developed a ‘learning to read’ book list, a list of books that each of our children reads through sequentially as soon as they ‘finish’  Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (we stop between lesson 50-75).

The lists below are comprised of the children’s favorite books from my “learning to read” book list.

Beginning Readers

Yes, I do resort to (and often enjoy) Dr. Seuss for our beginning readers.



Green Eggs and Ham

Put Me in the Zoo

Are You My Mother?

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Early Readers

Frog and Toad Are Friends, Frog and Toad All Year and Frog and Toad Together – Some of our favorites. Our children enjoy laughing at the silly antics of Frog and Toad and if you hang around us long enough you will probably hear some literary illusions to this series.

Mouse Tales – More silly stories that tickle the funny bones of our beginning readers.

Hill of Fire – Based on a true story about the birth of a volcano.

Amelia Bedelia – This is a link to a set of Amelia Bedelia books, but listening to one of these books is enough for me. Not my favorites, but the kids like them.

Pompeii…Buried Alive! – The single favorite beginning reader of all of our children. The fact that it really happened and that they can see pictures of the ruins is tremendously appealing.

Owl at Home – More silly goodness from Arnold Lobel.

The Titanic: Lost and Found – An interesting easy reader about this fascinating tragedy.

Little House in the Big Woods – Many of our children have moved quickly through this stage of early reading (and some have not). The Little House series is a great next step for reading independently.

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4 Responses to Favorite Books for Beginning Readers
  1. Taryn
    March 3, 2011 | 7:48 pm

    We had a collection of the I Can Read Books-Hill of Fire,etc. and the Step into Reading books-Pompeii,etc(some ordered from the Veritas Press catalog). At A Beka Books my children liked the Swiss Family Robinson book(3rd grade and older-$10). Christian Liberty Press has The Robinson Crusoe Reader(2nd grade and older-$7) and the Jedidiah Smith biography(5th grade and older-$6). Rod and Staff has the Bible readers-grade 1-4 plus the God is Good readers/booklets for independent readers(first grade-9 for about $20). Timberdoodle has the Amish Pathway Readers and the Christian Light Education/Publishers Readers for grades 1-8. keepersofthefaith.com has the McGuffey Readers,biographies,etc.


  2. Michelle
    March 3, 2011 | 9:14 pm

    Perfect timing! I just borrowed “Teach Your Child to Read…” from a friend to look at. I read the parent’s guide last night and was a little intimidated I may not be able to say the sounds right. You know…”t” instead of “tuh” or “tih.” Hopefully I will make it through without damaging her for life. LOL 😉

    Thanks for the list; I’ll have to make a note to come back when we’re finished.


  3. .ambre. @ livingasoftheday
    March 3, 2011 | 10:46 pm

    Thanks for your teaching how to read in 100 lessons recommendation. I checked and our library has purchased it so I’m first in line once they shelve it!



  4. Trina
    December 2, 2012 | 3:54 am

    Thank you for giving me “permission” to quit the 100 easy lessons book early! My daughter has learned to read very well from it, we’re on lesson. ~65, but she hates doing the lessons now! It’s a challenge to get through the lessons, even though she does so well with them (when she actually applies herself). So, maybe it’s time for me to drop the desire to “finish” the 100 lessons and just have her move onto reading other “real” books!


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