Simplifying Giggles

Three year old Nicholas has been right in the midst of our challenge to simplify. He’s a momma’s

boy and can frequently be found helping me as I sort through our things with a trash bag and a box for the things to giveaway. He has watched us give away bag after bag and box after box of stuff.

Nick has also enjoyed the stream of friends and strangers who have flowed through looking at our overflow of blessing and taking what they need.

So as we walked through our home with some potential buyers, his question made perfect sense,

“Mommy, are we getting rid of the house?”

When I say serious simplifying, it’s not quite that serious.

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10 Responses to Simplifying Giggles
  1. Heather
    July 20, 2011 | 9:33 am

    When I read the post title I thought you were going to teach us about giggling more simply!

    Cute story!



  2. Bunny
    July 20, 2011 | 12:56 pm

    Let me know when you are ready to start giving the kids away. I’ll take them!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Celee
    July 20, 2011 | 1:01 pm

    I went through an ebay phase about 5 years ago. It got so bad that as soon as I would enter one of the kid’s rooms with that look, they would start grabbing their prized possessions and saying, “Mom, PLEASE don’t sell this on ebay!”


  4. Diana
    July 20, 2011 | 1:04 pm

    Okay, my retired husband wants to know what this is called and where do you get them?

    I think I’m setting myself up for some giggles!!! lol


    Diana Reply:

    Sorry wrong post!


  5. Jana
    July 20, 2011 | 4:00 pm

    @Celee, that is hilarious!


  6. Gwen
    July 21, 2011 | 5:26 am

    Too cute! And what a sweet face on your little guy – I took a picture of our 2yo the other day and didn’t realized till later when I was scanning through the photos that her face had marker all over it. I guess we kind of get used to these sweet dirty faces. 🙂

    Appreciate your posts on simplifying – continual challenge here too!!


  7. Suzanne
    July 25, 2011 | 8:37 pm

    Ok, I have WAY too much stuff. 6 kids… keeping them all, but they have a LOT of stuff! We bought almost none of it. Things people have given us, but we really don’t need all of it. What did you read, or where did you get the motivation to start simplifying. Let me know if you already covered this in an earlier post, I get your RSS feed but was off the computer for a while since my newest addition is just 17 days old.


    Kimberly @ Raising Olives Reply:

    Hi Suzanne,

    It was a combination of a lot of things. I think the biggest motivation was considering moving to a smaller home. I’ve also read a number of reviews about Organized Simplicity and really want to read that. It sounds amazing!


  8. Melanie Woolard
    August 7, 2011 | 1:51 pm

    I love Gap because, as you said, stuff lasts. We buy my daughter ONE pair of flip flops that she wears April-November (she is always hot!) and they never wear out!!!!


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