Lunches for Hubby: A 4 Moms Link-up

This week the 4 Moms with 35 Kids are talking about packing lunches for their husbands and we’re inviting you to join us by linking up some tips or ideas for feeding your menfolk that middle meal.moms of many manage

Ready for my big secret? Marry someone in sales.

Mark is in technical sales and many-most days he either is taking a customer out for lunch or is being taken out to lunch by a vendor. Mark’s job is all about relationships (and a little math and science) and food and relationships go hand in hand. So unless Mark comes home for lunch, I bear no responsibility for his lunchtime meal.

If Mark comes home for lunch he joins us for whatever is on our lunch menu for the day. Otherwise, we’ll heat up some leftovers for him.

Since Mark spends much of his day in the car and occasionally skips lunch when his day doesn’t go as intended, he enjoys it when I remember to have the car stocked with simple, not-too-quickly-perishable (’cause who knows how long they will sit in the car before being eaten) snacks. Some of my basics are:

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I suppose our situation is atypical and most of you actually think about your hubby’s lunch everyday, so please link up your tips, recipes and ideas for feeding your man. Please play by these rules:

  1. You must link to a specific relevant post on your blog.
  2. Your post must include a link to at least one of the 4 Moms blogs.
  3. The post you link to must be completely family friendly.

If your link is deleted, you probably didn’t follow one of the rules above. Please feel free to add your link again once you have fixed the problem. If you don’t know why your link was deleted, please ask.

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3 Responses to Lunches for Hubby: A 4 Moms Link-up
  1. island girl
    September 8, 2011 | 11:08 am

    Good morning! Thank you so much for link up. I enjoy your blog very much!!


  2. c.s.
    September 8, 2011 | 4:54 pm

    My husband loves leftovers, so I love him all the more for that! When I clean up at dinner, I pack his lunch and voila he is ready to go.

    Since we just moved and we are about 2 miles from his office he tries to come home once a week to enjoy a meal with the children and for that meal he will eat whatever the rest of us are eating. He also comes home at least once a week to eat lunch with me after the littles have gone down and the oldest is busy with school work. For that I usually try to do something simple still, but at least a bit nicer for a date. 🙂


  3. Anita Chamblee
    September 8, 2011 | 5:48 pm

    Jeff comes home for lunch a couple of times a week and he really misses us!! He probably has lunch 1-2 times a week with co-workers or has lunch meetings with people who are in his office for the day. For years we packed his lunch…mainly leftovers from the night before, soup frozen in meal sized portions, veggie or pasta salads or sandwiches. Now, if he doesn’t come home or doesn’t have a lunch meeting he picks up a tuna or veggie wrap from Subway…which is just around the corner from his office.


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