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moms of many manageThis week the  4 Moms or  35 Kids are sharing how we store food for our large families.
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Here are some of my tips for food storage.

Purchase and utilize an additional freezer.

This allows you to:

Stock up on freezable items when they go on sale.
Save money by purchasing meat by the case.
Cook in bulk and fill your freezer with meals.
Purchase a whole, half or quarter cow at a time.
Freeze bulk grains before storing.

Decorate with food.

This may be just me and you may think it strange, but it’s what we do.

Fruit – We eat a lot of fruit and fruit takes up a lot of space, so I keep a couple of large bowls on the buffets in our dining room and in the center of our large dining table and keep those filled with fruit. This adds color and interest to our dining room and keeps our workspace in the kitchen clear.

Dry goods – We keep many food items in glass jars in our glass front cabinets, on open shelves in our kitchen and on top of our fridge. The variety of colors and textures combined with the uniformity of glass jars can be visually appealing rather than cluttery (it’s all right, I make up words all the time, just ask my children).

Oats, wheat, corn, homemade granola and legumes are stored in gallon sized, glass jars (available free if you purchase pickles in bulk, just be sure to wash thoroughly. Trust me on this one.).

Powdered milk, homemade hot cocoa mix, nuts and seeds are stored in half gallon glass jars (don’t purchase through this link, I found them much cheaper at our local grocery store).

Salt and cornstarch can be stored in wide mouth pint sized glass jars.

For us, weekly grocery shopping.

We grocery shop every week and I generally do not stock up on things when I go to the grocery store. This works for our family, for right now and won’t work for everyone, but it certainly can be an option for those with limited food storage space.

  • We live close to everything, 5 minutes from Sam’s Club, grocery stores, (including a Spanish market, Chinese market and Mediterranean market), the mall, and lots more.
  • While we have a large home and a nice-sized kitchen, we do not have an excessive amount of space to store  food in our kitchen.
  • Most of our staples are purchase in bulk so much of what we purchase at the grocery is perishable.

Designate an area for bulk food storage.

We purchase most of our staples in bulk. Wheat, rice, oats, quinoa, spelt, split peas, black beans, etc. all gets stored in our bulk food area (that’s a fancy name for our garage).

We’ve collected a large number of 5 gallon buckets to use for our food storage. You can get these, sometimes for free, from bakeries, doughnut shops, or sub places. (Ingredients they regularly use (frosting, pickles, peppers, etc.) come in these 5 gallon food storage buckets.)

We keep small amounts of these staples up in our kitchen stored in glass jars and just refill them from the buckets in the garage as needed.

Food storage for smaller spaces

Here are some food storage tips that I’ve learned from friends who live in smaller spaces.

  • Store some 5 gallon food storage buckets right in your kitchen and let your kids use them as stools to reach the top cabinets or to stand on as they help you cook.
  • Store extra sheet sets under the mattresses that they fit and use your linen closet for food storage.
  • Use bed lifters and utilize the space under your beds for food storage.
  • Install a shelf that runs just above door and window openings.

Photo from The Martha Blog

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6 Responses to Large Family Food Storage : 4 Moms
  1. Trooppetrie
    November 10, 2011 | 6:40 am

    This is something I really needed. I honestly never thought about keeping flour in 5 galon buckets, that is what I keep my laundry soap in


  2. Shelly Smiths
    November 10, 2011 | 2:52 pm

    I never could get the pickle smell out of the glass jar!! Any suggestions?!
    Also, I recommend storing flour and other grains in the freezer, if space permits! We have a deep freeze and I store all my bread flour in there. The I only get out a small container full to keep in my pantry (to make sure the flour doesn’t go bad, and retains more of its nutritional value too!)


    Kimberly @ Raising Olives Reply:

    I never could get the pickle smell out of the glass jar!! Any suggestions?!

    We’ve had success with washing with lemon juice, lots of lemon juice.

    Great point about storing grains in the freezer. We rotate our rice in and out of the freezer, otherwise we’ve had, um, problems.

    We don’t store any flour, we just fresh grind it as we need it. You’re right about it losing nutritional content, storing in the freezer will help with that.


  3. DHM
    November 10, 2011 | 4:26 pm

    We leave the fruit out, too, except it has to stay in the kitchen or else the Cherub eats it all at once, the greedy thing. We have gate guards to keep her out of the kitchen, can’t do that in the dining room.

    Love your hutch/side board. My mom has one like that.


  4. Tisha @ Delectable Home
    November 11, 2011 | 5:15 pm

    Great post – I had just come home from Sam’s with a load of junky foods for my kids to eat next week while I’m delivering our newest addition and was looking for creative storage ideas!


  5. Jenifer Harrod
    November 23, 2011 | 10:47 pm

    Hi, you have been an inspiration to me in my blogging. I just thought I should tell you that. Blessings.


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