When Motherhoood Feels Too Hard

I can relate to the title of this post and if you’re a mother I’ll bet that you can too. Kelly at Generation Cedar recently came out with a devotional eBook to encourage and help moms through those days and times that just seem too hard.

When Motherhood Feels Too Hard is full of help, encouragement and practical advice for those hard days.

In today’s society where the church, as well as culture, chooses to ignore or reject  the Bible’s commands to women motherhood can be especially difficult and lonely. Kelly offers the encouragement that many moms are seeking.

When Motherhood Feels Too Hard is available on Kindle as well as an eBook edition for $4.97.


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One Response to When Motherhoood Feels Too Hard
  1. Valerie
    March 6, 2012 | 8:49 pm

    I think I will get this. The title has certainly struck my heart 🙂


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