Pregnancy #11 Update: 35 Weeks – Names, Nausea and To-Do List

Now that we’re about 4 weeks from delivery (scheduled c-section) the reality of having a new baby in the house is sinking in and we’re getting more excited.

I hit the “pregnancy wall” last Monday. Do you know what I’m talking about? Does it happen to you? It’s that point in the pregnancy where your DONE, when the days turn into weeks and you don’t see how it is possible to live until your due date.

This is why I’m a procrastinator in pregnancy (all the time really). This is the point where I put together a to-do list of things that must be accomplished before the baby is born. I also make a list of simple, fun, little fun things to do before the baby is born (i.e. schedule a hair cut, finger paint “welcome” signs for the baby, blow bubbles, play with a new (purchased on clearance) slip ‘n’ slide, go to lunch with a friend, etc.).

Before we had to have c-sections, I would schedule a dinner date with a girl friend (someone who’d had multiple pregnancies) ON my due date. This provided a type of win/win situation. If I didn’t have the baby, I got to go out to dinner with a girl friend (something I think I’ve only done on my due dates :) ). If I did have the baby, well I had the baby. It gave me something to look forward to regardless of whether baby decided to show up or not.

These things simply help me to focus on something other than wishing I was no longer pregnant.

Isabella decorating her birthday cupcakes

I’m doing great physically, no gestational diabetes, nice low blood pressure, no abnormal swelling, no unusual aches or pains. Oh, I am  dealing with third trimester nausea, no fun. I’ve thrown up more during the third trimester than I did during the first trimester of this pregnancy. I feel lots (LOTS) better than I did during the first trimester, just generally nauseous and, at times, unable to eat. I imagine this is how women with average morning sickness feel during their first trimester, just a little queasy with occasional vomiting.

I’m convinced that my OB is one of the best!

  • He often prays with me and quotes Scripture during prenatal visits.
  • I was extremely nervous about having my first c-section (pretty please read this link before you give us suggestions about how we should birth our babies :) ), but through the entire surgery, Dr. V hummed “Amazing Grace”.
  • While still in the OR, he assured me that everything looked great and that we could have as many more children via c-section as God sends our way.
  • Dr. V made sure that Isabella never left our side and that  I was able to hold her while he was finishing up the c-section.
  • He’s used to large families. I know several other moms who use him as their OB who have as many or more children than we do. (He has one momma who has 18.)

God is good and Dr. V is one of God’s good gifts to our family.

Isabella snitching some birthday cupcakes

This has been one of my most project-oriented pregnancies. I generally tackle some around the house painting or other smallish projects during pregnancies, but this time we tackled several large house projects


in addition to dozens of small sewing projects. We also painted trim, closet doors and dining room chairs. We’re still trying to get everything finished up (those closet doors have slats, lots and lots of slats).

I’m finally formulating my list of things to do before the baby is born:

  • Buy a van – our old 12-passenger will be outgrown when this little one makes his arrival.
  • Buy birthday gifts and plan birthday dinners for Amber, Alyssa, Sadie, Colby. (I just marked Isabella and Mark off of this list.) Baby is due smack in the middle of birthday month.
  • Prepare car seat
  • Wash baby clothes and blankets
  • Finish Big Brother/Big Sister T-shirts

Isabella enjoying her birthday cupcakes

When we know the gender of the baby we generally pick out a name and call the baby that name giving us some time to adjust. This time however, we keep ‘changing’ the baby’s name. We had picked a name and I had even made a blanket with his first initial on it and then last week, we changed our minds again (and now the blanket is obsolete). We’re not sure why this time we’re so indecisive.

Did you know that our children’s names have a pattern? It’s pretty disguised, but it’s there and would involve naming this baby either a “N” or an “I” name.

Can you figure out our vague naming pattern?

Have any suggestions for boy names that begin with a “N” or “I”?


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64 Responses to Pregnancy #11 Update: 35 Weeks – Names, Nausea and To-Do List
  1. Shari
    July 29, 2012 | 9:10 pm

    Congrats on the new baby! No idea on the name, but I am sure it will be something wonderful. It doesn’t matter how your little one gets here, just so long as you and baby are safe and healthy. My 8th baby was stillborn last Oct at 34wks(2wks before we normally deliver) and I am now pregnant with baby #9. I am in love with natural delivery, delayed cord clamping, etc. I am being watched super close this time and even though I am hoping and praying for a natural, non-induced birth, I really have no idea what this little one will bring. First sign of trouble and we will have baby, even if it means NICU time. My point is that we can’t always have exactly what we want for birth, but as long as everyone is healthy that’s what matters. I will hold you in prayer.


  2. Babychaser
    July 30, 2012 | 2:03 pm

    Nathan or Isaac were the first to come to mind. :)


  3. MAY
    August 1, 2012 | 1:58 am

    Noah or Issac


  4. Sarah
    August 14, 2012 | 1:27 am

    Imri: hebrew for either father of the builder of walls, or, my words. I LOVE it, but my hubby doesn’t so I decided to share. 😉 I know this is a little behind, have you chosen yet?


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