Puke, Laughter and Organization

And sometimes you just have to laugh…

When Grandma moved in last Tuesday, the nurse mentioned that one of the difficult things to manage for someone with limited mobility is a stomach virus because they may have difficulty getting to the facilities in a timely manner.

Now, certainly every mom-of-many knows the little bit of panic that rises when you find out that your houseful of little people (who are not yet mature enough to understand the importance of making it to the facilities) are exposed to a stomach virus, or is that just me???

So when, two of our children started vomiting on Saturday afternoon, I had that feeling, only multiplied. By midnight Amber, Kaitlin, Matthew, Carter, Sadie, Savannah, Colby, Nicholas and Isabella had joined the puke club. Mark kindly waited until Sunday morning.

Laughing was all I could manage as child after child succumbed.

As Sunday morning dawned, Grandma, Alyssa (13), Valor (1) and I were the only ones standing (figuratively speaking) and our family room was full of recumbent, pale figures. Our God has a sense of humor, doesn’t He?

We’re thankful that Grandma didn’t get it, that it was a short duration and that all of that laundry is now behind us.

Thank you for your prayers, our adjustment is going very well, so far. Now if we could only get the in-home health company, insurance company, and Grandma’s primary doctor to all get on the same page…..

On a completely different note, I want to invite you to a Thirty-One Facebook party I’m hosting.

Of course you don’t have to wait until the party to shop and their special for the month of November is that you can get the fabulous medium utility tote for only $7 with every $35 you spend.


medium utility special

For several years we’ve hosted large gatherings in our home and every once in a while someone would come to those gatherings with ‘one of those’ totes. The totes stand up by themselves and out of that single tote ladies would pull their casserole dish and other food for the meal, clothing changes for their children and even their diaper bag.

The totes were large, practical, sturdy, and came in beautiful prints and with Christmas looming closer, I thought about how practical and lovely they would be to give as Christmas gifts. I know that I’d love one of these for Christmas. (hint, hint, honey)

Thirty-One totes are ideal for taking meals to others, for transporting things when you head out for a day in the mountains or at the pool and fantastic for toting school and library books. I also knew that my girls would enjoy having a pretty tote to keep all their homeschool books contained and out of the way in their bedroom, but still easily available to grab and bring out to the dining room for daytime studies.

I’m in love with the Plum Awesome Blossom pattern and I am hoping to get these three pieces for myself!

3 totes with text

I think the organizing utility tote (upper right) would be perfect to use as a diaper bag, the Littles Carry-All Caddy (left) will be perfect for organizing makeup, etc. in the master bathroom and then of course the medium utility tote is all around practical for only $7!

Thirty-One also offers many other storage solutions, including organizing and storing the clothing for all 5 boys neatly in one closet. (We did not use Thirty-One totes for this, but we’re hoping to use them when we do our girl’s closet.)

Check out this pantry before and after:


Thirty-One offers a range of totes, coolers, bags, purses and other organizational helps.

I will be hosting a Thirty-One Facebook party this Thursday, November 21st from 8-10pm EST. So if you’re like me and haven’t started Christmas shopping yet (did I just admit that publicly?) or if you still’t the kids to bed and snuggle up with a cup of something warm and be prepared for a fun evening of door prizes, shopping and visiting.

Thank you very much for blessing our family by shopping at this link anytime between now and November 23rd.

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One Response to Puke, Laughter and Organization
  1. Cynthia Carr
    November 18, 2013 | 3:16 pm

    Kimberly…I’ve read that cultured vegetables (kimchi, sauerkraut, etc) can really help with cutting a stomach bug short. I haven’t tried it yet, as we haven’t had a bug since I read this article, but plan to keep it in mind for next time it occurs.


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