My name is Kimberly. I was homeschooled through high school, graduated college and I have been married to Mark for 15 years. Together we parent and home educate our 11 children.

Our primary goal in life is to glorify God and to raise our children to do the same. To that purpose, we attempt to examine every decision that we make in light of God’s word, so many of the decisions that we make seem strange to the world and we are good with that.

As a second generation homeschooler (read about how cancer influenced my parent’s decision to homeschool) and a mother of many, I get a lot of questions about parenting, home making and homeschooling. Answering those questions, letting others know that they are not alone and sharing the joy and peace that we have found in the midst of our large, homeschooling family is the purpose of Raising Olives.

Being a mom of many and living on one income necessitates a bit of money saving know-how. I’ve talked about how we feed our family on a budget , shared some of my tips for shopping at yard sales and shown how we decorated the boy’s room on the cheap . We have a great system for using cloth napkins and even stopped using shampoo in our journey toward frugality. And believe it or not even after this haircut, my husband still allows me to cut his hair.

While the kitchen is not my favorite place to spend time, I do have 12 mouths to feed so I am familiar with the basics. I have a killer granola bar recipe, am becoming adept at mega-bulk cooking for the freezer and have some favorite recipes for feeding a crowd.

Scheduling, cleaning and organizing, these I enjoy. Is there something odd in the fact that I’d rather clean than cook? Laundry management and chore lists, menu planning and scheduling make me happy and I post a lot about organization.

As a second generation homeschooler I realize that one of the benefits of homeschooling that many people miss is the opportunity to build strong relationships between parents and children and between siblings. This is one thing that we seek to maximize in our home school by working and learning together as a family as much as possible.

Solving sibling squabbles in a Biblical manner is another important aspect toward building those relationships, in addition to incorporating fun family activities, like family fun nights and jammie drills, into our normal life.

Of course with a house full of children we also have lots of funny stories, crazy moments and hysterical kid pictures. Every Monday I come clean about our less than perfect moments in a Not Me Monday post. Some favorites are Dames, Trains and AutomoBeetles , Rice and Bathroom Etiquette and Dinner Disaster. Some of our favorite wordless posts are Outnumbered, Table Manners and Window cleaners.

Despite the fact that I share loads of wisdom about raising a large family, homeschooling and organization (ahem), some of the most popular posts are my DIY tutorials like rain gutter book shelves, children’s playsilks, a magnetic wall to display the children’s artwork and more.

Ready to meet the Olives?

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