It all began when I was eleven and  my  mom was  diagnosed with cancer. I have now been involved with homeschooling for more than 25 years and am blessed to be homeschooling ten children.

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Homeschooling is not the norm and we aren’t normal homeschoolers. So why do we do it? I’ve attempted to answer that question in these posts.

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These girls are fast. They are part of the fastest elementary cross country team in the state of Tennessee. Sadie (10) and Savannah (8) both set personal records (6.45 and 7.06/mile respectively) Saturday helping their team to win the Elementary division of the Tennessee State Cross Country Championships. (Sadie placed 22nd and Savannah 44th, individually.)…

Hickory Horned Devil and Rolling Down a Cliff

Last weekend our family participated in our annual family campout (this year we had 124 people, 92 of them were children). While playing in the woods, Alyssa (13) and one of her friends found this beautiful caterpillar. He is a Hickory Horned Devil and according to the park ranger they spoke with, this will be…

Getting it All Done while Nursing a Baby

  This month’s joint 4 Moms topic is derived from a reader question (honestly, nearly all of the topics we tackle are from reader questions), but I wanted to share the whole question, because I wanted to answer all parts of it. (a)How do you nurse and get everything else done around the home without…

Homeschooling Schedule Summer 2013

In our home we homeschool year round. This makes sense to us because we believe that everyone (kids and adults) should always be learning and we make a big effort not to separate “homeschooling” from everyday life. Every single day (even weekends and when we’re at the beach on vacation) our children spend one to…

Unexpected Journey: Part 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 I want to step back for just a moment and tell you about our kid’s attitude and response to our talk of adoption and private, Christian foster care. Our children have been burdened for the orphan for a long while. When Matthew was 4 (he’s now 14), he told me…

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Curriculum Reviews

I’ve reviewed more than 50 homeschool products.  To see all my reviews organized by subject  visit the curriculum review page.

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