Meet the Olives

My name is Kimberly and I have been married to Mark for 15 years. Together we parent and home educate our 11 children.

Our primary goal in life is to glorify God and to raise our children to do the same. To that purpose, we attempt to examine every decision that we make in light of God’s word, so many of the decisions that we make seem strange to the world and we are good with that.

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Our oldest daughter Amber (15) is diligent, a great cook and takes initiative to help with just about every chore around the house. She is our current breakfast and lunch menu planner. (Amber’s birth story)


Kaitlin (14) is every one’s friend and is one of the most generous and giving people that I know. Kaitlin always has an encouraging word and is a deep thinker. (Kaitlin’s birth story)
Matthew (12) is always smiling and wants to be a missionary to India when he grows up. (Thanks to reading about and praying for the homeless street children in India when he was 4 years old.) He is constantly striving to work hard “just like Daddy.” (Matthew’s birth story)


We praise God everyday for His mercy in giving Alyssa to us, in spite of our lack of faith. Our first 3 children were born in 2 1/2 years. I was tired, overwhelmed and scared about having anymore. We decided that we needed a space between our children. After a few weeks neither Mark or I felt comfortable with taking our “family planning” away from our sovereign God who loves us even more than we love ourselves. We trusted Him. This was our shortest space between children (14 months), BUT it was my only pregnancy with no trace of morning sickness and Alyssa was an angel baby. God knows and does what is best for us and sometimes it is different than what we think. Praise God for giving us this child, even when we thought that we didn’t want her.

We call Alyssa (11) our sunshine, she brightens our days and I can’t imagine not having her as part of our family.

Steady is the word that comes to mind when I think of Carter (10). He loves people, snuggling and is always aware when I need cheering up. Yesterday he told me that I was beautiful. Read Carter’s story and how God preserved Carter’s life.

Sadie (8) is a bit of a loner but still loves to snuggle occasionally. She does an amazing job at whatever she sets her mind to, probably because she is such a hard, patient worker.


Savannah (7) is our compliant child, a complete people pleaser, loving to snuggle and passing out compliments all ’round. She will most likely grow up to be a princess, probably Belle.Colby

I have never seen or met a child who is more strong willed or active than Colby (5). He is also one of the most charming children and is helping me learn to be more consistent and patient.Nicholas

Nicholas (3) is a sweet, fun-loving little fellow, who has an opinion and knows how to get what he wants in our full house. Read about how Nicholas was injured at birth and how he’s doing now.

Isabella (pronounced ‘eesabella’ not ‘izabella’) (born July 2010) beautiful like her name, loves to be held, cuddled and fed. I’m not sure that she’s been out of a persons arms for longer than 20 minutes in her life. (Why we chose to have Isabella via c-section.)

Baby #11 due August 2012.

Want to know more? Read our About page.

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