Our oldest child is 14 years old so we don’t claim to be experts in parenting.  I’m not even sure how good we are at it, but with 10 children to parent we have a bit of experience, we’ve learned a lot and we are certainly much better at it than we were when we began.  I’m hoping that this page will help you find what you are looking for under the topic of parenting.

(To view all of my posts on parenting visit the parenting category.  For funny stories about being a parent check out my humor posts.)

Everyday Living

Solving Sibling Squabbles Biblically
Family Worship
Going Out with Lots of Littles
Keeping Kids Rooms Tidy
Potty Training – Day 1(live blogging)

Daily Chores for Kids
Praying for your children
How to tackle big projects with little kids
Keeping Kids Healthy
Cooking with Kids

Dealing with Noise, Jabbering and Fidgeting
Training Little Ones to Worship
Talking to Your Kids about the Facts of Life
Thoughts on Child Training, Or What I Learned While Cleaning My Bathtub

Good Ideas

Daily Bible reading for kids
Early Bedtimes
Television and videos with kids – TV Guardian
7 Tips to Enjoy Waiting with Children
Simple and Frugal Birthday Cake
Easier bed making for little kids

Spending  Individual Time with Your Kids
Family Fun Night


Q & A – Children behaving in public and getting children to obey while remaining loving
More Q & A about character training
Training a sweet attitude in pictures
Our thoughts on the Pearl’s


Love is the Answer
Amusement: What Are We Seeking?
What to Expect from a 12-year Old
Today, I Pray
It’s Not the BIG Things, It’s the Process

Choosing to Run Errands with Little Ones

Stories and Lessons Learned

How God preserved Carter’s life

Your Child’s Heart

Do You Have Your Child’s Heart?
What is Your Responsibility?
Your Child’s Heart Requires Time
The Pearls and Your Child’s Heart
How Do You Find the Time?
Power of Praise
Practicing Praise


Breastfeeding Tips: 10 Years and Counting
Breastfeeding: How to drink enough water

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