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Homemade Toothpaste Recipe

This toothpaste recipe went through a lot of testing and variations before we came upon a formula that was pleasing to everyone. Recipes Toothpaste

We chose diatomaceous earth rather than the baking soda used in many recipes. Diatomaceous earth has the advantage of being better tasting than baking soda and is a great source for silica which is needed for bone (and tooth) health.

Xylitol is an ideal sweetener for toothpaste as prevents bacteria from sticking to your teeth and thus preventing tooth decay.

The Thieves essential oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal, a marvelous immune booster. It’s terrific for anyone who wishes to take steps to avoid the spread of illness.

Homemade Toothpaste Recipe

Mix ingredients thoroughly. Coconut oil is liquid at warmer temperatures and solid at cooler temperatures, so your toothpaste will change depending upon the temperature. Also, when we first mix up a new batch it can be a little ‘crumbly’, but we find that after a few days the texture becomes more smooth and easier to work with. We just stir it up as needed.


We store our toothpaste in a small glass jar in the bathroom and we use tongue depressors to apply the it to our toothbrushes.

* Use only high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils.

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  1. Jeree Brown says:

    I made this (minus the xylitol)and have used it a few days now. It is GREAT! My teeth feel clean, and STAY clean throughout the day. (not so with other alternative types of toothpaste). Thanks for posting. And BTW, I miss reading your posts! (I TOTALLY understand that you are SUPER SUPER busy, just want you to know you are missed)

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