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but God directs his steps

Hello and thanks for visiting. If you’re new here, you may sign up to have posts delivered to your email inbox for free or subscribe to my RSS feed. You may also follow Raising Olives on Facebook. This 4 Moms post is different. It’s not the post that you expected. It is not a post…


Hickory Horned Devil and Rolling Down a Cliff

hickory horned devil camping

Last weekend our family participated in our annual family campout (this year we had 124 people, 92 of them were children). While playing in the woods, Alyssa (13) and one of her friends found this beautiful caterpillar. He is a Hickory Horned Devil and according to the park ranger they spoke with, this will be…


Go to the Worship of God Conference for FREE {or Win the Audio Recordings}

Our family at BWSC with Ty Ten Bruggencate

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Dana and her family! For years our family has desired to attend a NCFIC (National Center for Family Integrated Churches) Conference. We have many friends who have attended and they come home talking about the excellent speakers, the encouragement and knowledge they gained and the wonderful, amazing times of…


Unexpected Journey: Part 5

Colby nick track

Part 1: The Call Part 2: Doubts Part 3 (interlude) Part 4: Confirmation Continued…   From the beginning of this journey of thinking about adoption the question that Mark and I kept asking ourselves was “If not us, then who?” If we aren’t willing to open our home to the orphan can we expect our…


Managing with ONLY Littles

large family, moms of many, manage,

Yes, we’re still here. I know that I’ve been absent from the blog lately, our life is very full and my priorities and responsibilities simply don’t fit with spending even a few minutes a day writing for the blog, but today the 4 Moms topic is managing with only littles and I really wanted to weigh…


Sleep Overs, Romance Novels, Peer Influence and Bible Translations: 4 Moms Q & A

The kids at Niagra Falls, Canada

There is so much I want to post about, but I find so little time to sit down and spend in front of the computer. So today, I’m just going to jump in and answer some reader questions from my email inbox and from the 4 Mom’s Facebook page. Gencie asks, “What Bible translation do…


Getting it All Done while Nursing a Baby


  This month’s joint 4 Moms topic is derived from a reader question (honestly, nearly all of the topics we tackle are from reader questions), but I wanted to share the whole question, because I wanted to answer all parts of it. (a)How do you nurse and get everything else done around the home without…


Joy in Homeschooling and Toddler Tantrums: 4 Moms Q&A

large family, moms of many, manage,

Jennifer explains that, for a variety of reasons, they did not accomplish what they’d hoped during their last year of homeschooling and then she asks this question, “How do you go about regaining the joy of homeschooling and regaining your footing when you’re at the bottom of the hill” I remember one time in particular…


Relay Team: {Almost} Wordless


Our kids have run cross country for several years now, but this season they had the opportunity to compete in track meets with the local public and Christian schools. Our kids were chosen mostly for longer distances (both Matthew 13 and Alyssa 12 competed in the 3600 meter and the 4 x 800 relay), but…


Homeschooling Schedule Summer 2013

Back: Alyssa (12), Matthew (13), Carter (11), Kaitlin (15) Front: Sadie (9) and Savannah (8)

In our home we homeschool year round. This makes sense to us because we believe that everyone (kids and adults) should always be learning and we make a big effort not to separate “homeschooling” from everyday life. Every single day (even weekends and when we’re at the beach on vacation) our children spend one to…