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Relay Team: {Almost} Wordless

Our kids have run cross country for several years now, but this season they had the opportunity to compete in track meets with the local public and Christian schools. Our kids were chosen mostly for longer distances (both Matthew 13 and Alyssa 12 competed in the 3600 meter and the 4 x 800 relay), but…


After much discussion and prayer, Mark and I have decided that I need to take a small step back from the responsibility of posting once a week on a specific topic with the 4 Moms. My life is simply too full for that level of commitment at this time. Full of my crazy,   amazing,…

Reading to Baby: Wordless

Two of Bella’s favorite things a book and a baby (and “Green Eggs and Ham” just happens to be her favorite book).

The Love of Books: Wordless

More wordless posts.  

When Bella Blogs

She considers.   She composes. She celebrates. but honestly, she doesn’t have a lot to say, yet.  

Bella and the Book: Wordless

What do you get when you cross an antique Henty book   with a curious one year old? I suppose it depends on whether or not you’re asking the one year old. (and these pictures were taken after  a lot of the mess had been gathered up) You may get a giggle out of a…

One Year Ago

One year ago today God gave us this precious blessing. How she’s changed. Happy birthday, Bella. Thanks to my friend, Lori, for the beautiful pictures.

Superman John

Our valiant hero, Superman John (aka 2 year old Nicholas). Superman John hears a call for help… Have no fear, Superman John is here. It’s tough fighting evil.   The world will have to wait, Superman John still needs his nap. Nick started asking to be called Superman John before Christmas, so the suit seemed…

Isabella and Lorelei

Isabella and Lorelei are cousins born 2 days apart. My brother and his family are stationed in Washington State, so the girls were not able to meet until they were five months old. We all hoped that their first meeting would be a perfect Kodak moment.     Umm….not so much.

Wordless: Really??

If you’ve read about some of  the pranks and shenanigans that Colby has introduced into our home, you already realize that he’s not a sit down and fall asleep kinda kid. These moments are rare and treasured. Be sure to read about what Colby told a stranger or look at more Wordless posts.

Wordless: Anytime, Anywhere

What happens when you take a 2 year old  camping and don’t find time for naps? He makes time. Congratulations to April who was the first person, closest to the 500,000th visitor.   She was captured a screen shot of 500,001.  April won a $25 gift card to Amazon.com.   Thanks to everyone who has visited…

Wordless: Camping in Bulk

How do you get 12 people, their food and clothes for a week in addition to tents, sleeping bags, pillows, cooking equipment, pots, pans, stove, lights, chairs, scooters, etc. into a 12 passenger van? Very carefully! More wordless posts.